Read public documents and citations of medical and scientific studies that Medill students obtained for their investigation.


Matthew Czapski’s autopsy report.

Court records

Blood slide request on appeal

Claus Speth affidavit

David Nadelman deposition

David Nadelman subpoena and medical records

Department of Children and Family Services records

Deena Leonard consultation

Deena Leonard consultation follow-up notes

Illinois Court of Appeals record

Letters to trial judge from Pamela Jacobazzi’s family and friends

Lutheran General Hospital records

MarianJoy Rehabilitation Hospital and Clinics records, part 1

MarianJoy Rehabilitation Hospital and Clinics records, part 2

MarianJoy Rehabilitation Hospital and Clinics records, part 3

St. Joseph Hospital records

Trial transcript, part 1

Trial transcript, part 2

Trial transcript, part 3

Trial transcript, part 4

Uma Subramanian affidavit

Verdict on Nadelman medical records

Witness list



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