Take a look behind the scenes of the Medill Innocence Project’s investigation of Pamela Jacobazzi’s conviction.


Medill students visited Pamela Jacobazzi at Lincoln Correctional Center in Lincoln, Ill., on Nov. 16 and Nov. 21. (Janice Janeczko/Medill)
Pamela Jacobazzi, 57, is incarcerated at Lincoln Correctional Center. (Ashley Powell/Medill)

Pamela Jacobazzi discusses her daily schedule at Lincoln Correctional Center with Medill students Safiya Merchant and Valerie King. (Janice Janeczko/Medill)

Pamela Jacobazzi recalls life before her conviction in 1999, sharing details about her son, Steven, whom she calls her miracle child because she didn't think she could conceive. (Ashley Powell/Medill)
Medill student Timna Axel asks Pamela Jacobazzi to review the day Matthew Czapski was rushed to the hospital. (Ashley Powell/Medill)

Medill students Erin Kim and Joseph Lumley take notes during a recent interview with Pamela Jacobazzi. (Janice Janeczko/Medill)

Pamela Jacobazzi reconstructs the events of Aug. 11, 1994. (Ashley Powell/Medill)

Pamela Jacobazzi says her Catholic faith helps her cope with prison life. (Janice Janeczko/Medill)
While in prison, Pamela Jacobazzi taught herself origami from a book. (Janice Janeczko/Medill)

Lincoln Correctional Center consists of 14 buildings over 25 acres. A double-security fence secures 11 buildings surrounded by five towers. (Miranda Viglietti/Medill)

Pamela Jacobazzi ran her day care from her home in Bartlett, Ill., a suburb about 30 miles west of Chicago. (Miranda Viglietti/Medill)

Pamela Jacobazzi told Medill students she took children from her day care to play at her neighborhood park. (Ashley Powell/Medill)
Matthew Czapski died on Dec. 19, 1995, at the age of 2. He was cremated and his headstone stands in Bartlett Cemetery in Bartlett, Ill. (Miranda Viglietti/Medill)
Matthew Czapski’s grave, pictured on Oct. 24, 2012, is adorned with flowers. His epitaph reads, “Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep.” (Miranda Viglietti/Medill)

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