Alibi and Faith

The Medill Justice Project premieres documentary examining a 17-year-old St. Louis murder case in which a key eyewitness recants

MJP also tracks down four witnesses who corroborate the accused’s alibi

By Allisha Azlan, Rishika Dugyala, Rachel Fobar, Rachel Frazin, Madeleine Greene, AnnMarie Hilton, Hayley Miller, Kimberly Rhum, Alecia Richards, Kara Stevick, Dominique Teoh and Adam Yates
The Medill Justice Project

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  1. Safiah says:

    This is a travesty that needs to be fixed. Thank you MJP for your investigative work in bringing forth the facts of this case. If you haven’t already, please have Ahmad Adisa contact the Midwest Innocence Project (

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