Medill Justice Project photos, videos and audio pieces created as part of our investigations.

Daughter and Mother in Motion

By Medha Imam
The Medill Justice Project

Photo Essay: Freewheeling

By Alyssa Wisnieski
The Medill Justice Project

Jenni Del Prete, 46, kisses her daughter Tia Pearl, 27, wishing her good luck at the beginning of the Wheelchair Motocross World Championships in April in Grand Prairie, Texas. The challenge for wheelchair competitors like Tia is to perform Read the full story here.

Death Denied

The Medill Justice Project premieres death penalty documentary, ‘Sword of Damocles’Read the full story here.

Shaken (French)

Être parent peut réserver bien des surprises… Surtout quand il s’agit d’un nouveau né. Parfois, les bébés commencent à pleurer et on ignore pourquoi. Ils se mettent à éternuer, à tousser et évidemment, en tant que parent, on s’inquiète et on imagine le pire. Et cela peut être vraiment très frustrant…. Jusqu’à quel point ? Qui sait ce qui se passe vraiment derrière les portes closes… Lorsque l’enfant est seul avec un parent frustré, comment savoir si l’adulte va trop loin ? Cette semaine, dans The Life the Law, notre reportage est consacré à l’affaire Tonia Miller. Cette jeune américaine fait partie de nombreux parents à se retrouver sur le banc des accusés pour un cas lié au “syndrome du bébé secoué”, un concept complexe qui soulève de nombreuses questions. Le Medill Justice Project, un centre de journalisme d’investigation situé vers Chicago, aux Etats-Unis, a enquêté sur cette affaire.

“Shaken” est notre reportage du jour. Read the full story here.


Being a parent, especially a parent to a newborn baby, can test us in the most surprising ways. Sometimes, oftentimes newborns cry and you don’t know why. It can be frustrating. They sneeze or they cough and you worry it’s something worse. It can be scary. But who really knows what goes on behind closed doors. This week at Life of the Law, we’re going to tell you a story about a young woman, her family, her community and her baby. The question is when has a gone too far and how do we know?Read the full story here.


A reminder of what’s lostRead the full story here.

Crime and Punishment

TULSA, Okla.—It was not unusual for people to ask 68-year-old Gladys O’Connor for directions. She was often one of the only people around her quaint South Tulsa residential community during the day. So she didn’t hesitate when a man approached her in front of her Cambridge Square condo that afternoon on Oct. 24, 1986, and asked for directions to a nearby intersection.

According to court records, O’Connor had just returned home from a trip to the grocery store and bank with $200 in the tan Coach purse slung over her left shoulder. She was standing in the sunshine outside her door just beyond a massive pecan tree. She noticed her flowerpot had fallen off the stoop, she later testified.

As O’Connor began to gesture to explain what road to take, the man grabbed her arm. He snatched her purse and struck O’Connor in the chin. She started to fall but the purse caught on her wristwatch so he jerked the purse free. O’Connor was spun around as she fell. From the ground, O’Connor watched the man flee to a cream-colored car.Read the full story here.

Death Denied

Medill Justice Project podcast provides rare behind-the-scenes look at investigation of death row inmate’s case

Seven-episode series follows MJP staff and students who spent 10 weeks examining Tommy Zeigler’s conviction

Listen to class strategy sessions, extended cuts of interviews with key subjects and students’ reactions as they Read the full story here.

Death Denied

WINTER GARDEN, Fla.—On a brisk Christmas Eve in 1975, Ken Roach was behind the wheel of a Ford Torino while his wife, Linda, sat beside him, a gaggle of children in the back, looking forward to a feast of shrimp and oysters at her mother’s. Suddenly, boom. An eruption startled them. They looked to their right, driving at about 35 miles an hour. Over the span of about four seconds, as they passed by the W.T. Zeigler Furniture store on South Dillard Street in the sleepy Southern town of Winter Garden, they heard what sounded like a series of firecrackers.Read the full story here.

Where Deception Lies

Read the full story here.