The Medill Justice Project publishes materials for the investigative journalism class we support and for the public.


(Diane Tsai/Medill)

Reporter safety is a serious issue facing news organizations, yet many of them do not have formalized or written safety procedures for their staff. The Medill Justice Project, however, aims to support students and professional journalists with basic safety knowledge and street awareness. As such, in 2012, we created the first Safety Manual in the Medill Justice Project’s history to help prepare students for their field work. It is the first known manual of its kind for student journalists, and one of few, if any, known safety manuals for stateside professional reporters.

Northwestern University Police, the Office of Risk Management and the Office of General Counsel contributed to The Medill Justice Project Safety Manual.

We have also created  The Medill Justice Project Handbook: A compilation of investigative reporting, writing and ethics material to aid students and professional journalists in their investigative reporting and writing.

–Alec Klein


The Medill Justice Project