Submit a case


The Medill Justice Project investigates potentially wrongful murder convictions. If you have information about a potentially wrongful murder conviction, please contact us by mailing a letter with details of the case to our address. Please make sure the case fits our eligibility criteria.

1. The crime must have taken place in the United States.

2. The charges must include murder.

3. The case must have been heard by the state Appellate Court and the conviction must have been affirmed.

4. The prisoner must be claiming innocence. We do not accept cases where legal defenses (such as self-defense, mere presence, coercion, or “battered wife syndrome”) are raised. We do not accept cases where the applicant was present during the crime.

In rare instances, we will consider exceptions to the above criteria if, in the view of the director of The Medill Justice Project, the case raises legitimate questions about the individual’s conviction. Exceptions include but are not limited to cases that involve charges other than murder.